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Carbon Dioxide - CO2 - Recovery & Liquefaction

UIG industrial gases plant supply experience includes carbon dioxide recovery, purification and liquefaction plants on both equipment sale and turnkey basis where, in addition to core process equipment, UIG supplied carbon dioxide storage tanks, installation, startup, operations, maintenance and product marketing/ sales services. 

Capturing and producing carbon dioxide as a commercial product requires that it be recovered and purified from a relatively high-volume, CO2-rich gas stream; typically streams which contain a high percentage of carbon dioxide created as a byproduct. The most common sources of carbon dioxide feedstock to commercially viable liquid carbon dioxide plants are hydrogen plants, ammonia plants, corn-to-ethanol plants, and breweries. 

Removal of carbon dioxide from combustion process stack gases (process heaters, boilers or power plants) may be required for environmental reasons, but such sources are not good candidates for commercial recovery due to the low concentration of CO2 in the source gas and the presence of undesirable compounds which may create taste, odor, or even health issues if not completely removed.    


Plants for recovery, purification and liquefaction of CO2

This photograph shows a UIG-supplied and installed liquid CO2 plant designed for recovery of up to 250 tons per day of CO2 from a corn-to-ethanol plant..
UIG can supply carbon dioxide plants to recover CO2 from high-purity or low-purity feed streams generated by sources such as ammonia, ethanol or hydrogen plants. Feed gas clean-up technologies include amine, PSA and membrane systems.   UIG-supplied 250 tpd liquid CO2 plant installed alongside a corn-to-ethanol plant in Wisconsin.
The UIG-supplied liquid CO2 production equipment installed in Poland

UIG supplied this 100 metric ton per day UIG liquid CO2 plant to a company in Poland which produces food grade liquid carbon dioxide from a CO2-rich feed stream generated by an adjacent ammonia plant.  UIG-supplied process equipment purifies the gas stream, then liquefies it for sale.  A portion of the product is used to carbonate soft drinks.  

In addition to supplying the equipment and utility systems, UIG provided  commissioning services and startup assistance to plant operations personnel. 


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