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UCA Compressed Air Systems

Provider of Compressed Air as a Utility   -    Serving Industrial Complexes and Large Manufacturing Sites 

Large volume users of compressed air increasingly find that outsourcing the ownership and operation of compressed dry air production systems can provide many benefits.  Consider the advantages of having UCA be your compressed air provider.

With UCA, you can Elevate your system's performance, so that you can focus on your core business; Transform air compression from being a burden on your core operations; and achieve greater Success for your company with UCA's lower air supply costs and higher reliability. 


UCA provides, operates, and maintains complete compressed dry air supply systems consisting of air compressors, air dryers, cooling towers, advanced control systems for energy optimization, power control systems, and buildings; all customized and optimized for the specific site and its unique compressed air demand pattern. 


UCA will deliver your full range of volume requirements, at the required pressures and quality, 100% of the time.


By choosing UCA as your provider of "over-the-fence" clean, dry, plant air; large volume compressed air users benefit from decades of experience of its personnel as suppliers of air separation plants and equipment and the full range of related installation, operations and maintenance services; while avoiding the burdens of making initial and recurring capital investments and ongoing internal operations and maintenance costs which are associated with monitoring and maintaining a utility-like plant air supply operation. 


Air compression and drying systems, although critical to the operation of many industrial complexes and manufacturing sites, are, for most compressed air users, a peripheral operation; not a core business technology area.  However, for UCA, installation and operation of compression and drying systems are well-developed areas of design and operational expertise. 


Why buy Compressed Dry Air as an "Over-the-Fence" Utility from UCA?

  • UCA brings the experience and perspective of an industrial gas company to its compressed dry air supply services.  Air separation plants are routinely designed and operated to provide 100% system supply reliability. UCA dry compressed air solutions build upon this experience base, and add controlled redundancy coupled with partial load operation alternatives to provide both high efficiency and high flexibility in its air supply systems.

  • UCA on-site compressed dry air (CDA) supply systems apply proven industrial gas equipment design and selection criteria to the design, installation and operation of its "over the fence', on-site, plant air supply systems.

  • UCA compressed air supply solutions employ compression and drying components which individually have very high reliability and  availability.  We enhance the robustness of the total supply system with cost effective redundancy for key components,  routine preventative maintenance programs and optimized control systems. 

  • When you choose UCA as your compressed air provider, you can focus maximum attention and resources on your core business - those operations which your company knows well, and which make your company unique. With UCA as your Compressed Dry Air provider, compressed air can truly be considered by your core operations team to be a "fourth utility" - reliable and cost effective. 

  • Your company will no longer have to make capital investments, and deal with unscheduled maintenance in what is should be  a utility system supporting your core operations. 

  • You do not have to worry about, and budget for, unplanned maintenance of a company owned system. 

  • Your key operations and maintenance personnel and resources can focus on your core business activities and equipment.

  • UCA is more than a plant air supplier to our customers - we are an operational partner.

UCA Brings Industrial Gas Company Expertise to  Compressed Air Supply Systems and their Operation

  • The supply and operation of cryogenic air separation plants, which produce nitrogen, oxygen and argon to support the operation of many types of industrial operations, are core business activities of industrial gas providers.   

  • UCA personnel understand that our customers must have a very reliable source for these materials.  UCA began as a specialized off-shoot of UIG, which supplies and operates air separation plants producing oxygen and nitrogen to support the operation of chemical companies, oil refineries, steel mills and many other types of users.  

  • Every cryogenic air separation facility has air compression and drying operations as critical "front end" systems.  The reliability and operational flexibility of the entire air separation and purification system depends upon ensuring reliable operation of these "front end" compression, drying, and impurity removal systems. 

  • The Industrial Gas Industry typically achieves 99.8% on-stream time for air compressors, without redundant units.  UCA incorporates this air separation plant engineering and operations experience into the design, operation and maintenance of stand-alone dry compressed air supply systems; while adding cost-effective redundancy and the production rate flexibility needed to reliably deal with the demand fluctuations of CDA users.

  • UCA dry compressed air supply systems are designed around:

    • Quality equipment and component selection

    • Robust standards for the design of controls, motors, electrical systems and cooling systems.

    • A design approach that focuses on lowest energy cost coupled with system reliability,  operability and flexibility, plus ease of maintenance, constructability, and longevity.

  • As a compressed air supplier, UCA systems use the same proven techniques employed in air separation system design and operation:

    • Corporate safety standards and proven industry practices assure safe and highly reliable operations.

    • Well-managed preventive and routine maintenance programs avoid unscheduled outages.

    • Remote monitoring and analysis assist local operations personnel with system optimization.

    • Automated call out systems alert local, regional, and national backup and support personnel to potential problems, assuring rapid, targeted response to system warning messages and alarms.


Why Our Customers Choose UCA Air Supply Services


UCA is a partner

  • We adapt to customer specifications, terms and conditions, site construction and labor rules, cyber-security protocols, etc.

  • Our customers trust that our equipment and component selection will be in their best interest; reflecting careful assessment of what is required to meet their current compressed air demand patterns and their projections of future supply requirements in the most reliable manner.

  • Our customers value our design and operating experience when working to define solutions for their requirements (purchase specs, scope of work, etc.).

  • We “speak the same language.”  Once the scope of work definition is out of the way, conversations often lead to how to optimize NPV evaluation, IRR, total evaluated costs, base facility charges, financing costs, permits, etc. – all typical conversation topics in the air separation world.

UCA Delivers Value

  • Top class project engineering and operations ability

  • Proven, highly experienced technical experts from across the industry

  • We provide personal service, stand behind our work, are more flexible and, more responsive

  • We provide the best project which supports current and future operations,  at the lowest total cost through efficiency and reliability

UCA Delivers What is Needed, When Needed

  • Audit and assessment of current compressed air demand patterns and future supply requirements

  • Compact, durable designs with good access for O&M; with location and layout optimized

  • Projects executed on-time and under budget with minimal effort on the part of the customer

  • Smooth transition from existing air system to the new air system

  • Sound maintenance planning, rapid troubleshooting and response to emergencies, with prompt availability of parts

  • We will meet or exceed our system reliability targets

UCA is Committed

    UCA is committed to provide more service to our customers than others think necessary; to care more for our customers, employees and community than others think wise; and to be more technically innovative than others think practical.


    Make  a  change  for  the  better.   Change  to  UCA.

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