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Dismantle, Refurbish and Relocate

50 STPD Gaseous Oxygen Plant;   Dominican Republic

A steel manufacturer in the Dominican Republic required a plant to make 50 TPD of gaseous oxygen.  The project execution schedule was very important - the oxygen plant installation had to be coordinated with a maintenance shutdown of the steel mill.

UIG had a used plant in inventory in Florida that could be modified to meet the customer's requirements at far less cost than a new plant. 

Overview of Installed Plant GOX Storage Bottles

UIG’s scope of supply for the plant relocation and upgrade project included all engineering, project management, relocation, commissioning and start up supervision. 

UIG dismantled the plant and refurbished the cold box and turbine. To provide the required production capacity along with the best efficiency and reliability, UIG provided a new main air compressor, nitrogen compressor and oxygen compressor.  UIG also supplied the liquid storage and vaporization system and GOX storage bottles to handle  fluctuations in demand while maintaining a relatively constant plant production rate. 

The relocated and upgraded oxygen plant was delivered to the customer in accordance with the agreed schedule.  

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