UIG is a full-service supplier of new and reconditioned used and upgraded air separation plants, oxygen plants, nitrogen plants and liquefiers. Air: Source of the industrial gas products oxygen, nitrogen and argon

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 Featured Used Plants and Equipment

Universal Industrial Gases can supply a wide range of used gas and liquid plants for relocation.  Plants can be supplied as-is; but are most commonly supplied refurbished and modified for optimal operation at new conditions. 

This page is used to highlight selected examples of used air separation plants, used oxygen plants, used nitrogen plants and related equipment which are currently available for purchase from UIG.  Selected plants may be included because that have recently become available, or have feature which make them something other than "typical". 

The total inventory of
used air separation plants, liquefiers, and plant components which is available for relocation is much more extensive than the items featured on this page, and is constantly changing.

If you do not find what you are seeking on this page, let us know  what you are looking for.  UIG offers both new and used plants to meet your needs with cost-effective equipment and responsive engineering  and field support services.


There are no "Featured" Plants at this time.

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Why are used plants available for purchase?

The most common reason that used plants become available for sale and relocation is that product demand at the site where they were installed has changed significantly since their installation.

Many plants become available for relocation about nine to twelve years after installation; when the initial product supply period for an on-site production contract ends.

Sometimes a plant is offered for sale because demand has increased significantly, and a larger plant has been installed as a replacement. Sometimes the facility using the product has shut down or severely reduced operations. Whatever the circumstances, the result is a plant which is no longer needed at its current location, and which can be relocated, refurbished, upgraded and installed at a new site for less cost than a completely new plant.  

UIG typically offers used plants in refurbished condition - as a complete system that is customized and upgraded to best meet customer requirements. 

UIG fully-refurbished plants provide the new owners with an engineered combination of used and new equipment that delivers performance and reliability comparable to all-new plants, at lower cost, and comes with process guarantees and mechanical warranties.

UIG also offers site and process engineering, dismantlement, shipping, installation and commissioning services. 

For customers who prefer to purchase a plant "as-is", or wish to handle a significant portion of the required new site engineering, plant refurbishment and upgrade, shipping, installation, commissioning and startup activities themselves, UIG will provide assistance as needed to facilitate satisfactory installation at the customer's site.    


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UIG will be pleased to provide more information about our featured plants and other plants and equipment in inventory.   Call the telephone number shown below, fax us, or click on the "Contact Us" button to let us know about your application and needs. 

UIG will review your requirements and preferences; and define the best package of equipment and services for meeting your needs.
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