UIG: Designers, manufacturers and suppliers of cryogenic air separation plants, oxygen plants and nitrogen plants. Universal Industrial Gases plants are sold to end-user industrial manufacturers and to distributors of bulk liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen and liquid argon. Manufacturers and suppliers of cryogenic air separation plants, cryogenic oxygen plants, cryogenic nitrogen plants and nitrogen liquefiers, plus plant engineering, installation and other field services

Industrial Gas Plants Manufacturer / Supplier
Oxygen Plants, Nitrogen Plants, Air Separation Plants and Merchant Liquid Plants

UIG Designs, Manufactures and Supplies Cryogenic Air Separation Plants

Universal Industrial Gases designs, manufactures and constructs multi-product cryogenic Air Separation Units (ASU) producing nitrogen, high-purity oxygen and argon. UIG is also a manufacturer and supplier of single-product cryogenic oxygen  plants and cryogenic nitrogen plants

UIG air separation plants, nitrogen gas plants and oxygen gas plants can be supplied with stand-alone or fully integrated liquefier units to produce large quantities of liquid nitrogen and liquid oxygen for  in-plant use and for bulk liquid products distribution. 

UIG merchant liquid products plants and "piggyback" air separation and bulk liquid production plants can produce gas and liquid nitrogen and oxygen at any specified combination of production rates by integrating appropriately sized air separation and liquid production (liquefier) modules. 

  Manufacturers of new cryogenic air separation plants. ASU cold boxes house heat exchangers and cryogenic distillation system components operating at very cold temperatures.  

Non-cryogenic Oxygen and Nitrogen Gas Production Units:

Non-cryogenic product generators produce gaseous nitrogen or oxygen at near-ambient temperature. They can be a cost effective choice for relatively small-consumption rate gas users; in particular, those which do not require highly purified "liquid grade" product. Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) and membrane nitrogen production units typically make nitrogen at purities between 95 to 99.5%. Non-cryogenic oxygen plants produce product at about 90 to 93% purity and, like non-cryogenic nitrogen units, are normally most cost-effective at relatively low usage rates.

Air Compression and Drying Systems:

Compressed Dry Air Supply Systems can be supplied as stand alone systems or integrated with the front end of air separation plants. 


Oxygen Plants, Nitrogen Plants, Air Separation Plants and Liquefiers

The UIG cryogenic air separation plant sales and services group designs, manufactures, sells and installs cryogenic oxygen plants, cryogenic nitrogen plants, and multi-product cryogenic air separation plants.  Air separation units co-produce nitrogen, oxygen and argon.  These versatile units are used to produce gases for on-site supply applications and, in conjunction with a liquefier unit, to produce liquid nitrogen and liquid oxygen or distribution as bulk liquid products.

Cryogenic air separation units (ASUs), cryogenic nitrogen plants and cryogenic oxygen plants usually have the ability to produce a small percentage of the total plant product as liquid oxygen or liquid nitrogen. This capability can be useful for maintaining or rebuilding backup liquid inventories.  If a plant will be located in a relatively remote area, process conditions can be optimized around maximizing production of backup liquid.  

When large volumes of liquid are required to support customer operations and / or bulk merchant liquid product sales, the air separation unit can be coupled with a liquefier.

Liquefier units provide large amounts of very low temperature refrigeration, allowing some or all of the available nitrogen, oxygen and argon to be sent to storage as liquefied industrial gas products. Liquefiers can be supplied and configured as stand-alone units (which allows maximum operating flexibility for "piggyback" gas and liquid plants) or they may be fully integrated with the ASU - providing all of the refrigeration required for air separation and product liquefaction.  Combining the ASU and Liquefier refrigeration generation equipment can minimize the capital cost for plants which will primarily or exclusively produce bulk liquid products (liquid nitrogen, oxygen and argon).


Typical Production Capacity Ranges - UIG Cryo Plants
Air Separation Units, Oxygen Plants, Nitrogen Plants, Product Liquefiers


Product /

Capacity Capacity Capacity Capacity Capacity Capacity

Plant Type






Nm3/ Month

Oxygen 100 - 900 90 - 820


75 - 660

2650 24,000

 2,000,000 - 17,500,000
from ASU            
Nitrogen 100 - 2400 90 - 2200


84 - 2020

3000 72,600

 2,200,000 - 53,000,000
from ASU            
Argon 3 - 45 3 - 41 2400 - 36,300 1.8 - 26.5 65 - 950 46,000 - 700,000
from ASU            
 LOX / LIN Bulk Liquid 100 - 950 90 - 890

110,000 - 1,100,000

83 - 800

3000 - 28,500

2,200,000 - 20,500,000

Nitrogen Plt

33 - 170 30 - 160

38,000 200,000

28 - 150

1000 - 1,000

730,000 - 3,800,000

Oxygen Plt

50 - 140 45 - 125

 50,000 140,000

38 - 770

1300 3700

1,000,000 - 2,800,000
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Every Industrial Gas User and Plant Site is Unique 

Defining the optimal industrial gas production and supply system for a particular application requires consideration of many variables.  These include the number of required products (nitrogen, or oxygen, or nitrogen plus oxygen and  argon), required product purities, desired range of production rates for gas supply and liquid production, required product delivery pressures, and additional considerations reflecting daily and long term variations in demand patterns and the cost of power at the site.

All gas and liquid supply systems manufactured and supplied by UIG are optimized to meet customer-specific site requirements for product purity, delivery pressure, and anticipated variations in demand for each product in a cost-effective and reliable manner.

Different Types of Plants for Different Customer Requirements
Conventional cryogenic air separation plants (and single product cryogenic nitrogen and oxygen plants) separate and purify desired products at very low temperatures, produced through a combination of compression, heat exchange, and expansion of a portion of the process gas to remove energy. Conventional air separation cycles are the most efficient way to produce large quantities of very pure products at relatively constant production rates. 

When demand is not constant, when demand is relatively low, and /or when the end use does not require high purity product, alternative production cycles and processes may be a better choice. 

Nitrogen Production Alternatives:  For sites which use only nitrogen, at rates below about 40,000 scfh (1000 Nm3/h) the most cost effective process choice may be one of the following alternatives: 

  • For users which need high purity product, a LIN-assist (LIN-injection) plant may be the best choice. These plants internally vaporize a small amount of liquid nitrogen drawn from the backup storage tank to provide the refrigeration required to produce the bulk of the product on-site, at low cost. These plants are typically compact modular units which can be easily erected and relocated.   

  • If product purity in the range of 95 to 99.5% is acceptable, a nitrogen PSA plant may be a cost effective alternative to consider.  

  • These alternative plant types tend to be most attractive when users not only have low average product consumption rates, but intermittent product usage patterns as well.  

Oxygen Production Alternatives: In addition to high purity cryogenic oxygen plants, UIG can provide several alternatives when lesser product purity is acceptable.

  • If 95 to 96% purity is sufficient, low-purity cryogenic plants can be supplied which will provide both capital and operating cost savings versus a high-purity (99.6% or higher) oxygen plant. 
  • When even lower purities are acceptable (typically 92 to 93% purity) and, in particular, when demand is relatively low (under 50 tpd) non-cryogenic oxygen production can be considered.

  • VPSA oxygen plants may be a good choice above about 30 tpd

  • PSA oxygen production plants may be preferred at lower rates.


Nitrogen PSA Plants,   Nitrogen LIN-Assist Plants

  Capacity in Capacity in Capacity in Capacity in Capacity in Capacity in

Plant Type




MMSCF/ Month


Nm3/ Month


Nitrogen Gas

0.4 - 33 0.3 - 30

  400 38,000

0.3- 28

10 1000

7,300 - 730,000

Nitrogen Gas

17 - 35 15 - 32

19,000 40,000

14 - 29

500 1050

365,000 - 770,000
UIG Optimizes Overall Supply Systems
System optimization does not stop with specification of the air separation plant, or nitrogen or oxygen production unit.  A fully-optimal facility design will reflect all aspects of anticipated operating conditions at the site. UIG strives to provide plant supply solutions which represent the best combination of cost and performance, as determined by customer priorities and criteria.   

UIG develops complete plant designs which integrate the air separation unit (and, if included, the liquefaction system) with appropriately configured and sized auxiliary equipment such as pipeline compressors, liquid storage tanks for backup and supplementation of plant production, liquid vaporizers (ambient and, where needed, heated), elevated pressure gas storage, and bulk merchant liquid products storage and trailer loading systems. UIG provides well-optimized systems, providing operational flexibility, high operating reliability, and cost-effective operation. 

Molecular sieve and DCAC systems purify air entering a cryogenic air separation unit (ASU) Cryogenic nitrogen plant producing high purity nitrogen gas UIG LIN Assist Plant Pre-fabricated skidded units allow rapid installation of liquid carbon dioxide production system
UIG Delivers Performance and Value

UIG all-new air separation plants, industrial oxygen plants and nitrogen plants combine competitive first cost and operating cost with efficient packaging to minimize field work and total installed cost. They incorporate superior operating characteristics and advanced control and monitoring systems that allow unattended operation and remote monitoring and control. 

You can rely upon UIG to provide plants which represent the best possible value - total product supply solutions which are complete, robust, and cost-effective; and designed to accommodate your current, and expected future, production needs.   


UIG Field Services:  Installation - Commissioning - Customer Support

An ASU cold box module leaving fabrication shop.   The exact scope of supply for UIG equipment and services is determined by customer needs and preferences.

UIG can provide whatever is required - up to full turkey installation with training,  commissioning and startup; plus ongoing operations and maintenance support. 

  Erecting a multi-module ASU cold box
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What Type of New Plant Is Best for My Needs?

There are many types of air separation plants available - cryogenic, non-cryogenic, single product, multi-product, high-purity, lower-purity.  Which type is the best choice for a given application depends on several factors, including the product purity requirement, supply pressure requirement, maximum flow rate needed, the cost of power at the site, whether usage is continuous or not, steady or not, etc.   

Our page on Production / Supply System Optimization discusses how optimal technology choices typically change when selecting new plants to make nitrogen or oxygen gas, at various combinations of flow rate and required product purity. 

Note that the boundaries between optimal application regions for different types of nitrogen gas and oxygen gas plants are neither sharp nor fixed.  Selection of the best type of supply approach for a given application depends on many location and application-specific factors, including anticipated power cost, pressure required and usage pattern.  

UIG will work with you to define the best choice of technology, plant capacity and specific equipment to meet your particular requirements and preferences. 


Contact UIG with your needs. 

We will review your particular circumstances and suggest air separation plant solutions that provide the right mix of technology, plant capacity, auxiliary equipment and services.  If you currently are under contract with an onsite gas supplier and/ or liquid supplier, please see our tips on changing your industrial gas supply system and supplier.

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Cryogenic Air Separation Plant Sales & Services

Universal Industrial Gases, Inc. (UIG) is a USA-based manufacturer/ supplier of complete cryogenic air separation plants, nitrogen plants, oxygen plants, argon production equipment and liquefiers which produce liquid nitrogen and liquid oxygen for backup of onsite gas production and for distribution as bulk merchant liquid products.

The UIG cryogenic air separation plant sales and services group provides engineering services and field installation assistance to oxygen plant, nitrogen plant, air separation plant and liquefier purchasers and operators.

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