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Universal Industrial Gases - Global Petroleum Show - Calgary, June 2014

(May 28, 2014) -- Universal Industrial Gases, Inc. (UIG) has returned to Stampede Park in Calgary for the 2014 Global Petroleum Show, June 10-12, 2014. 

UIG will be in Booth 1834; presenting its products and services for companies involved in exploration and production, oil and gas field servicing, refiners, natural gas producers, and others which require liquid or gaseous nitrogen, oxygen, or related products, to support their operations. 

UIG serves customers globally; supplying cryogenic air separation plants and other cryogenic equipment, plus related consulting, design, engineering, installation, startup and project management services. UIG owned and operated plants produce and deliver gaseous and liquid nitrogen, oxygen, and other products to refiners and other types of hydrocarbon processing and petrochemical sites.
Universal Industrial Gases at the 2014 Global Petroleum Show in Calgary


Alberta is home for much of Western Canada's energy industry, and the host for the annual Global Petroleum Show. The Global Petroleum Show is a meeting place for representatives of companies from all over the world which are associated with oil and gas development.  Stop by to see how UIG might help you improve or extend your oil and gas related operations. The UIG booth is in the State of Pennsylvania Pavilion.

Click here to download a copy of the UIG 2014 Global Petroleum Show brochure

UIG offers plants and supply arrangements for liquid and gaseous nitrogen, oxygen, and other products




UIG Supplies a Cryogenic Nitrogen Production System for the Chemical Weapons Destruction Facility at Blue Grass Army Depot in Kentucky

(September, 2011) – Universal Industries Gases (UIG) has been awarded a purchase order by Bechtel Parsons Blue Grass to supply the nitrogen generation system for the Blue Grass Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant (BGCAPP) project.


Bechtel Parsons Blue Grass is the systems contractor for the BGCAPP which is being built to safely and efficiently destroy a stockpile of chemical weapons currently in storage at the Blue Grass Army Depot in Kentucky.  Utilizing neutralization followed by Supercritical Water Oxidation the plant will destroy 523 tons of munitions containing blister and nerve agents.

The nitrogen system provides nitrogen gas to the BGCAPP to facilitate safe operation by means of tank blanketing and equipment purging. 
  In compliance with The Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) the BGCAPP will destroy the chemical weapons stockpiles stored at the Blue Grass Army Depot in a safe and environmentally sound manner. Original graphic by the Assembled Chemical Weapons Alternatives program (ACWA).


Cryogenic Nitrogen Generation technology is used to produce the nitrogen.  Cryogenic Nitrogen generation technology is the nitrogen supply system of choice for users that require high reliability, high purity and low-cost supply.

The UIG team was awarded the work through a competitive process and is committed to deliver a system to meet the specific requirements of the BGCAPP project including schedule, “Buy America” purchasing requirements, and Bechtel Parson’s engineering and operational specifications.

“Universal Industrial Gases is proud to be serving Bechtel Parsons and this project builds on our long history of developing innovative industrial gas plant solutions, the UIG team is looking forward to successfully executing this project with the Bechtel Parsons team,”  commented Sam Piazza, President and CEO of Universal Industrial Gases.

Bechtel Parsons Blue Grass is under contract to the U.S. Department of Defense’s U.S. Army Element, Assembled Chemical Weapons Alternatives program to design, build, systemize, operate and close the BGCAPP.  Bechtel Parsons Blue Grass is a joint venture of Bechtel National, Inc., of Frederick, MD, and Parsons Infrastructure and Technology Group, Inc., of Pasadena, CA.  The joint venture has four teaming subcontractors: URS Corporation, Battelle Memorial Institute, General Physics and General Atomics.

Universal Industrial Gases serves customers globally with cryogenic air separation plants, cryogenic equipment, onsite supply of industrial gases and related consulting, design, engineering, installation, start-up and project management.  The company has customers across the USA and Canada, Panama, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Spain, Poland, Albania, Ukraine, Turkey, India, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom and Ireland.  The company has a unique position as the only small business concern that engineers, owns and operates commercial scale industrial gas plants in North America.


Universal Cryo Gas Supplying On-site Produced  Oxygen and Nitrogen to Hunt Refining in Tuscaloosa, Alabama
  Hunt Refining
Universal Cryo Gas ASU in Hunt Refinery - Tuscaloosa Alabama  

(March, 2010) -- The Universal Cryo Gas air separation plant in Tuscaloosa Alabama began full commercial operation in early 2010.  The UCG ASU was installed at the Hunt Refining site in 2009 to supply the refinery with onsite-produced oxygen and nitrogen.  Its installation was timed to precede completion of several new refinery process units.

Hunt's $835 million refinery expansion project increased the refinery's crude processing capacity by 30% and doubled production of gasoline and fuel oil.  

Universal Industrial Gases supplied and installed the air separation plant for UCG on a turnkey basis. The UIG scope of work included process engineering; supply of the air separation plant cold box and other plant equipment; civil, mechanical, structural, electrical and instrumentation design; supply of the liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen backup storage tanks and vaporizers; equipment installation; equipment checkout and plant startup.    

Universal Cryo Gas owns, operates and maintains the oxygen and nitrogen production facility.




"Chain Cutting" Ceremonies Mark Grand Openings of UIG-Supplied Air Separation / Bulk Liquid Products Plants in Kentucky and Indiana

Cutting grand-opening ceremonial chain, using an oxygen-acetylene torch,  at Airgas Merchant Gases New Carlisle Indiana air separation / bulk liquid production plant - designed and supplied by Universal Industrial Gases, Inc.

(June 17, 2009) -- On June 15 and 16, 2009, Airgas held grand opening celebrations at its new air separation plant locations in Carrollton KY and New Carlisle IN.  Universal Industrial Gases, Inc. was the air separation plant designer and equipment supplier for both plants.

The UIG scope of work included process engineering; civil, mechanical, structural, electrical and instrumentation design; supply of the air separation plant and liquefier cold boxes and other plant equipment; and site support services during cold box erection, equipment installation, checkout and startup of the two plants.    

Airgas was responsible for the civil work and installation work at each location, and procurement of the site-fabricated bulk liquid storage tanks.

The New Carlisle Indiana plant began operation in December 2008.  The Carrollton air separation plant was placed into service in May of 2009. 

To symbolize the official openings of the liquid products plants, Airgas employees used oxy-acetylene torches to cut ceremonial chains at both sites.

The Carrollton and New Carlisle air separation / bulk liquid production plants are very similar. Each can produce more than 350 tons per day of liquid products (liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen and liquid argon); and both plants supply nitrogen by pipeline to on-site gas customers (to I/N Tek and I/N Kote at New Carlisle; Dow Corning at Carrollton). 

Mike Patterson, Universal Industrial Gases Director of Engineering, who managed and directed UIG engineering design, procurement and field support activities; and provided overall coordination between the UIG project team and the Airgas project management, field construction, and operations groups; was impressed by the high quality of the plant installation work which was evident throughout both plant sites.     

Peter McCausland, chairman and chief executive officer of Airgas, commenting at the ceremonies, said: "This is a state-of-the-art facility and, we’re an industry leader and this is conformation of it.  So, we are all really proud today because we all worked very hard to get here.”

Air separation plant/ bulk merchant liquids plant designed by Universal Industrial Gases, Inc. for Airgas, in New Carlisle, IN.

Air Separation Plant cold boxes designed and supplied by Universal Industrial Gases, Inc. for Airgas air separation plant in New Carlisle, Indiana and Carrollton Kentucky.

Molecular sieve unit and cold boxes near compressor building in New Carlisle, Indiana air separation plant designed and supplied by UIG for Airgas. Carrollton Kentucky air separation plant is similar.

New Carlisle liquid trailer loading area in UIG designed and supplied air separation plant / bulk merchant liquids plant.

Piping in compressor building in Airgas air separation plant / bulk merchant liquids production plant

Compressor skd - part of air separation plant equipment supplied by UIG to Airgas.

Air separation plant compressor skid in Aigas New Carlisle air separation plant.


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