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Universal Industrial Gases, Inc. Exhibiting at GO-Expo, Calgary, June 2007

(June 8, 2007) -- Universal Industrial Gases, Inc. (UIG) will present information on its products and services at the GO-EXPO Gas & Oil Exposition 2007 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, June 12-14, 2007. The UIG booth is in the Pennsylvania Center for Trade Development Pavilion.

Alberta is home for much of Western Canada's energy industry. GO-Expo 2007 highlights and serves companies associated with development and processing of oil sands, exploration and production of conventional gas and oil, and natural gas from various unconventional sources.

Click on the picture to download a copy of  the UIG GO-Expo brochure.

Cover of UIG brochure for 2007 GO-Expo in Calgary


Airgas Orders Air Separation Plant to be Installed in New Carlisle, Indiana  

(April 25, 2007)  Airgas announced plans to build a new air separation and bulk liquids production plant in New Carlisle, Indiana.   The plant, to be designed and supplied by Universal Industrial Gases, would be used to produce pipeline-delivered nitrogen gas for I/N Tek and I/N Kote, which are major steel processing facilities owned by Mittal Steel USA and Nippon Steel. Bulk liquid products, also produced in the plant, would help to meet increasing demand for bulk and packaged gases in the Midwest.  

Universal Industrial Gases, Inc. Appoints Director of Engineering

(October 27, 2006) -- Universal Industrial Gases, Inc. (UIG) announces the appointment of Michael A. Patterson as Director of Engineering. Mike will be responsible for managing and directing engineering for domestic and international projects; including design, procurement, and field support for supply of an all-new air separation, bulk liquids and pipeline products plant to Airgas.

Mike has a BS in Chemical Engineering from Drexel University and more than 25 years experience in project development, project management and program management with large, integrated, multi-national industrial gas and equipment supply companies. He has managed and directed teams of engineers, designers, consulting engineers, construction managers, and support personnel through commissioning, startup, punchlist completion, and plant acceptance for  Air Liquide, Air Products and Chemicals, Amerigas, Ansutech, Linde and MG Industries. 

Mike's experience includes dozens of air separation plant design, procurement and installation projects, plant upgrade projects, and pipeline supply projects serving basic and specialty chemical companies, steel companies, glass companies and natural gas production and processing facilities. Many of these plants also produce hundreds of tons per day of bulk merchant liquid products.

UCG Begins Commercial Production of Onsite Nitrogen Gas in North Carolina

Universal Cryo Gas supplies nitogen, oxygen and other industrial gas products to customers by pipeline from dedicated on-site plants.  

(October 9, 2006) - Universal Cryo Gas, LLC, (UCG) has begun production of nitrogen gas at a newly-installed on-site gas production facility serving a specialty chemicals manufacturing complex in North Carolina. The nitrogen gas generator was installed and commissioned by Universal Industrial Gases.  

UCG owns and operates industrial gas plants supplying nitrogen and oxygen gas to users under long-term product supply agreements. 

  Universal Cryo Gas North Carolina on-site nitrogen production plant

UIG to Supply Air Separation Plant to Airgas in Kentucky

EASTON, PA  (October 3, 2006)  -- Universal Industrial Gases, Inc. (UIG) has announced that it will provide engineering and equipment to Airgas, Inc. for an air separation unit (ASU) to be built in Carrollton, KY.  The plant will be built on Dow Corning's property to supply gaseous nitrogen to Dow Corning and to meet increasing demand for bulk and packaged gases in the region.  When completed, the plant will have the capacity to liquefy at least 350 tons per day of nitrogen, oxygen, and argon.  Its expandable design will support additional pipeline customers and liquid production.  Additional details can be found in Joint Airgas and Dow Corning Press Release (pdf)

UIG Participates in New SBA-Ex-Im Co-guarantee Loan Program

(June 30, 2005) Universal Industrial Gases, Inc. (UIG) has been provided improved access to export financing through the newly formed SBA-Ex-Im Co-guarantee Loan Program. The program allows Ex-Im Bank and SBA to co-guarantee loans of up to $2 million to small business exporters under SBA’s Export Working Capital Program, providing  seamless loan guarantee authority of up to 90 percent on a $2 million export business loan. 

Loan guarantees are being provided though Lafayette Ambassador Bank, a subsidiary of Fulton Financial Corporation, which has partnered with Fulton's International Group, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and the Export Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im) to provide access to this new program.  Lafayette Ambassador is the first bank in the Eastern part of the country to book this type of loan guarantee.

Universal Industrial Gases and Dow Corning Announce Supply Agreement

Universal Cryo Gas supplies nitogen, oxygen and other industrial gas products to customers by pipeline from dedicated on-site plants.   (May 5, 2005) Universal Industrial Gases announced that its affiliate, Universal Cryo Gas UCG) will supply nitrogen gas via pipeline to Dow Corning in Carrollton Kentucky beginning in August 2005.  UCG will operate a cryogenic nitrogen generator to be supplied and installed by UIG.  The UCG site is on Dow Corning property.

A second phase of plant construction will add equipment to manufacture liquid oxygen, nitrogen, and argon for distribution in the region.  

  Universal Cryo Gas North Carolina on-site nitrogen production plant

Universal Industrial Gases, Inc. - Review of 2004

(January 24, 2005) Sam Piazza, President and CEO of Universal Industrial Gases, Inc, announced today that UIG equipment sales and services activities continued to rebound in 2004, reflecting the worldwide acceleration in business activity that began in late 2003.  During the year, UIG supplied a 175 tons per day oxygen and argon plant to Turkey and shipped a 100 tons per day cryogenic oxygen and argon plant to India.  

UIG initiated several sale-of-plant and services projects during 2004.  These include supply of a 4,500 Nm3/h oxygen plant to Brazil; supply of a 450 tons per day air separation plant to Mexico; and engineering, procurement and field support services to an Indian company in conjunction with relocation and upgrade of a 350 metric tons per day air separation plant.

During 2004, UIG signed a long-term onsite nitrogen production/ pipeline supply agreement with a large US chemical company. UIG will supply the onsite customer with up to 150 tons per day of product, with service  beginning in the second half of 2005. 

According to Mr. Piazza, other equipment supply and gas and liquid product supply opportunities are in advanced stages of negotiation.  He expects high levels of business activity to continue throughout 2005. 

UIG Export Business Activities Featured in The Express-Times (Easton, PA):

(July 23, 2004) Universal Industrial Gases export business was featured in an article in The Express-Times (Easton PA) newspaper. The article used UIG export successes to illustrate the opportunities and challenges of global commerce.  The article included information on export market development assistance, financing options and other forms of assistance available to small and medium sized businesses from the US Commerce Department and Small Business Administration. 

Oxygen, Argon and Liquid Products Plant On-stream in India:

(Update: February 2005)  In mid-2003, UIG contracted to furnish a used 90 metric tons per day oxygen plant and liquefier system, together with associated engineering and operations support, to an Indian manufacturer of stainless steel ingots, hot rolled coils, flat bars and plates. During 2004 the air separation plant was dismantled, shipped to an Indian port, installed at the customer site and commissioned. 

Oxygen and Argon Plant Delivered to Turkey:

(Update: February 2005)  In early-2004, UIG contracted to supply a used 175 tons per day (4700 Nm3/h) oxygen and argon plant along with associated engineering services, replacement and spare parts to a Turkish producer of steel billets, reinforcing steel bars and round and flat products . The plant was delivered in summer, 2004.  Installation and commissioning is by the owner with UIG support.  

UIG Starts Up Merchant Liquid Carbon Dioxide Plant in Wisconsin:

(July, 2003)  Universal Industrial Gases has announced commissioning of the carbon dioxide recovery and liquefaction plant supplied to Utica Energy on a turnkey basis, and first shipments of product to customers.  The CO2 is produced in the Town of Utica, Winnebago County, which is ten miles southwest of Oshkosh, WI. 

UIG is providing ongoing operations support to the plant and is marketing the liquid carbon dioxide.  The plant can produce up to 250 tons per day of food grade liquid CO2, and serves customers throughout the state of Wisconsin,  northern Illinois and eastern Iowa. Depending upon customer preferences and needs, UIG will deliver liquid carbon dioxide to customer storage tanks, or customers may pick up liquid CO2 product at the plant using their liquid trailers. Plant product storage tanks hold 1,000 tons of liquid carbon dioxide.

Liquid CO2 is produced as a by-product of Utica Energy's corn-to-ethanol manufacturing process. The carbon dioxide recovery, purification and liquefaction operations meet the strictest beverage industry specifications and standards. CO2 purity is monitored by an extraordinarily precise analytical system, ensuring the product remains in full compliance with customer requirements.

This is the second new CO2 plant supplied by UIG in the past few years. UIG also supplied a 100 metric ton per day carbon dioxide plant to an operator of an ammonia plant in Poland that also supplies the beverage industry.

UIG Moves to New Offices:

(November, 2002)  Universal Industrial Gases has moved to 2200 Northwood Ave. Suite 3, Easton, Pennsylvania 18045-2239.  The new offices are approximately three miles from the company's former location. Telephone numbers are unchanged.  The move follows site plan approval for a major shopping center to be built in Palmer Township on land that includes the site of UIG's previous office building. 

UIG's new location includes office space and conference rooms for home office employees as well as additional offices and workspaces that will be used by visiting field employees and contract personnel involved in design and project execution activities.

UIG Receives Contract in Saudi Arabia
Easton plant to supply an 80 metric ton/day oxygen plant:

(June, 2002)  Universal Industrial Gases, Inc. (UIG) has announced that it was recently awarded the contract to supply Cristal -The National Titanium Dioxide Co., Ltd with oxygen gas. Cristal will use the oxygen to increase the efficiency and output of its titanium dioxide plant. The contract includes engineering, installation, start-up and training services. The plant, scheduled to ship from Salamanca Mexico within the month, will be installed at Cristal's facility in Yanbu-Sinalyah within the next 6 months.

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