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100 MTPD Food Grade Liquid CO2 Plant;   Kedzierzyn, Poland


UIG provided a complete 100 MTD food grade liquid CO2 plant that recovers carbon dioxide from an ammonia plant vent stream, purifies the carbon dioxide, then liquefies it for sale into the merchant liquid CO2 market. 

Zaklady Azotowe Kedzierzyn S.A. (ZAK) purchased the plant.  Located in the city of Kedzierzyn-Kozle, ZAK is one of the largest chemical manufacturers in Poland, producing over 70 different products.  They have been in operation for over fifty years and employ 3400 people.

Product from the liquid CO2 plant is sold in the Polish merchant market and is used to carbonate soft drink beverages. Prior to purchasing this plant, ZAK had operated a 40 MT/D plant, which was idled when the new plant began production.  The UIG plant not only more than doubled the available production capacity, it also provided operating economies.

The project scope was divided with UIG providing the process design and equipment and ZAK installing the equipment and utility systems.  UIG provided  commissioning services and startup assistance to ZAK personnel. 
Primary Process Skid Uncrating at Site Moving into Building
Reboiler Skid Construction Site Reboiler & Column
Outside Building Inside Building

Sam Piazza, President of UIG, stated “This plant represented our entry into the CO2 equipment market and we are extremely pleased that it significantly exceeded all of our contractual performance guarantees.” 

Jozef Sebesta, President of ZAK, commented,  "UIG’s performance was very good and the plant exceeded all performance guarantees. This addition allows ZAK to be the leading supplier of CO2 in the southern region of Poland.”

The plant produces the highest quality CO2 in the region. 

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