UIG is a full-service supplier of new and refurbished air separation plants, oxygen and nitrogen plants as well as CO2 plants to end users and distributors of bulk liquids & packaged gases. UIG products and services include manufacturer and supplier of cryogenic air separation plants, oxygen plants and nitrogen plants, engineering, and field services; plus on-site produced nitrogen and oxygen.

Universal Industrial Gases  -  Products and Services

UIG cryogenic air separation and liquefaction plants serve industrial gas users and distributors of merchant liquid products

On-site gaseous nitrogen gas plants serve many types of industrial customers

UIG sells and installs new merchant liquid plants and refurbished cryogenic air separation plants and liquefiers.

UIG is a Designer and Supplier of Air Separation Plants, Oxygen Plants, Nitrogen Plants and Other Types of Industrial Gas Production Plants; plus related Engineering Services and Field Services

UIG designs, manufactures and installs cryogenic air separation plants and services to industrial gas end users and distributors


UIG designs, manufactures and installs new cryogenic air separation plants, and supplies used and refurbished industrial gas plants and equipment to customers throughout the world. 

UIG provides air separation plants producing nitrogen, oxygen and argon, air compression and drying systems, and related  equipment, and support services to users in
a wide variety of industries, including chemicals, refining, metals and metal products, pulp and paper products, foods, electronic components, and glass production. 

UIG services include engineering, procurement, plant relocation, construction, startup, operations and maintenance. UIG-supplied plants produce oxygen, nitrogen and argon as gases for distribution to on-site customers through local pipelines, and merchant liquid products for transport and delivery to end-users and to bulk liquid customers which operate packaged gas cylinder-filling operations.


UCG Supplies End-users with On-site Produced Gas and Liquid Products

Universal Cryo Gas, on-site nitrogen and oxygen plant operator and onsite gas supplier  

Universal Cryo Gas, LLC  provides reliable, cost-effective, pipeline-delivered supplies of oxygen and/ or nitrogen gases to customers from UCG-owned and operated onsite gas and liquid plants.  

Merchant liquid products (liquid nitrogen, oxygen and argon) are produced at some onsite gas plant sites for backup for the gas production facility and for sales to regional distributors of bulk liquid products and packaged gases. 


New and Reconditioned Industrial Gas Plants:

UIG cryogenic air separation plant sales and services group sells new and reconditioned industrial gas plants. 

UIG provides cryogenic air separation systems to produce the atmospheric gases nitrogen, oxygen and argon; liquefiers to produce bulk merchant liquid products; and integrated combinations of these units.   

Many UIG new-plant offerings are specifically designed to meet previously under-served market areas. 

As an alternative to all-new plant offerings, UIG offers, as-available, reconditioned used plants which employ a mix of refurbished and new equipment to provide performance and reliability that are comparable to all-new equipment while providing significant installed-cost savings to customers. Reconditioned used plant customers may also benefit from faster delivery of plant equipment and earlier plant start-up. For further value, UIG provides process guarantees and mechanical warranties on the refurbished plants and equipment which it sells. 

UIG also supplies related industrial gas supply system equipment such as cryogenic storage tanks and vaporizers

Links at the top and bottom of this page will take you to more information on our new and used plant offerings.  If you do not see exactly what you are looking for, let us know.  There is a very good chance we can meet your needs - at significant savings compared to alternatives.


Engineering, Construction, Operations and Maintenance Services:


UIG's cryogenic air separation plant sales and services group provides a full range of head office and field  services to support and complement its plant relocation, sale-of-equipment (SOE), turnkey installation and onsite gas supply operations. 

Experienced UIG personnel ensure professional installation and startup of cryogenic air separation units and liquefiers.   Plants which are sold "turnkey" include all required design, fabrication, construction, commissioning and startup services. More generally, Sale of Equipment customers can employ UIG supervisory and advisory services to supplement their in-house and local contractor resources during site construction, plant erection, mechanical completion, commissioning, checkout, and startup. 

UIG offers a wide range of customer plant support services, including assistance with modifications and upgrades, process studies, safety reviews and personnel training, support for major maintenance turnarounds and ongoing support to operations and maintenance activities.


Onsite Gas Supply Services - Production of Nitrogen, Oxygen and Compressed Dry Air:

UCG supplies on-site produced nitrogen, oxygen and argon to end users through local pipelines. 

UCG onsite product supply arrangements meet the needs of customers that prefer the convenience of a utility-like locally produced compressed air, nitrogen or oxygen supply. UIG and UCG own, operate and maintain nitrogen and  oxygen production plants located close to the final product use point. 

Onsite gas supply arrangements (also known as "over-the-fence" or build, own and operate (BOO) arrangements) typically have an initial supply period of 7 to 15 years.  Customers usually realize immediate cost savings of 20 to 40 percent versus total reliance on vaporized merchant liquid products; and those savings will increase over time. 

UIG also installs, owns and operates compressed dry air supply systems serving large volume users.   


Production of Bulk Merchant Liquid Products:

UIG and UCG are seeking opportunities to build merchant liquid products plants in markets where more bulk merchant liquid products are consumed than are currently being produced locally.  Where local demand exceeds local supply, installing plants to produce liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen and liquid argon can allow distributors and local customers to save money by decreasing transportation costs.  

In some markets a stand-alone merchant liquid plant may be viable as well. In many markets, a "piggyback" approach is most cost effective.  "Piggyback" plants combine supply of gaseous products to an onsite customer with simultaneous production of bulk liquefied gas products for bulk merchant liquid products distributors serving the area. Piggyback plants benefit the on-site gas user by having immediate access to large amounts of zero-transportation cost. and instantly available backup liquid, as well as other economy of scale benefits. 

UCG and UIG will tailor the proposed plant capacity and type of production process to best fit the opportunity to provide an optimal combination of first cost, operating cost, operating flexibility and reliability. UIG air separation and bulk merchant liquid products plants are designed for operational flexibility as well as low capital and operating costs.


UIG and UCG Deliver Responsiveness and Value:

UIG will be pleased to review prospective client requirements and preferences; and work with you to define the best solution (or choice of solutions) for your specific application. 

Our goals are to provide responsive service to our clients; to offer the most attractively-priced solutions to their product supply needs and their schedule requirements; and to deliver quality performance on all UIG and UCG commitments.      

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