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UIG has supplied industrial gas plants and equipment, and associated engineering, dismantlement, relocation, and installation services to end-user companies throughout the world.  UIG project execution has included field work in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Italy, Bulgaria, Macedonia, the Dominican Republic, United Kingdom, Spain, Peru, Albania, Ukraine, Turkey, India, Saudi Arabia, Ireland and Poland.

UIG-supplied new, used, and refurbished plants produce gaseous and liquid oxygen, nitrogen, argon and CO2 for companies which produce an array of primary products; including steel, glass, ammonia, ethanol, Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), specialty chemicals and polymers, petroleum products and natural gas. 

UIG provides and installs plants which serve individual users, and gas and bulk liquid production plants which are operated by distributors of packaged gases and bulk merchant liquid products, to meet the needs of their smaller volume customers. 

To meet the needs of companies which would like to enjoy the savings and convenience available from on-site gas production of nitrogen and/ or oxygen, but which would prefer not to purchase, operate and maintain a production plant, UIG teams with its plant operations affiliate, Universal Cryo Gas, to design and install industrial gases production plants at user sites which are owned and operated by UIG / UCG. 

These UCG owned and operated facilities supply nitrogen and/ or oxygen to end-users in a utility-like fashion, under multiple-year supply agreements.    

Examples of UIG plant supply, installation, relocation and upgrade projects follows. 

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UIG Supplies Air Separation Unit to Universal Cryo Gas to Produce Oxygen and Nitrogen for Oil Refinery
Tuscaloosa, Alabama - USA
Picture taken during UIG installation of UCG owned and operated ASU which serves Hunt Refining in Tuscaloosa Alabama UCG Hunt Refining onsite under construction UCG Tuscaloosa ASU producing  Oxygen and Nitrogen for Hunt Refining Hunt Refining - Tuscaloosa Alabama
UIG provided turnkey installation of a cryogenic oxygen and nitrogen production plant to Universal Cryo Gas, which, in turn, operates the plant to supply both oxygen and nitrogen to Hunt Refining in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The plant installation was timed to support an $835 million refinery expansion project 

UIG's scope of work included process engineering; relocation and upgrade of the cold box; development of the civil, mechanical, structural, electrical and instrumentation design packages; specification and procurement of mechanical, electrical and instrumentation equipment, liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen backup storage tanks and vaporizers, and management of all field services required during equipment installation, checkout and startup. UCG has operated the plant with total supply reliability for almost a decade.

UIG supplied several all-new bulk liquids production plants to a major US manufacturer and distributor of industrial gases. The plants produce liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen and liquid argon, and supply adjacent customers with gaseous nitrogen. The mix of products can be varied over a wide range to match changes in current demand and liquid inventory maintenance requirements. 

The UIG scope of supply included overall management of engineering definition and design for the ASU / NLU facilities; supply of process equipment, and intensive field support during construction, commissioning and startup.

Each gas and bulk liquids production plant included multiple cold boxes for the core air separation unit (ASU) and argon purification and for the nitrogen liquefier (NLU). The ASU cold box was shop-fabricated and shipped to the site in multiple modules. The liquefier box was manufactured and shipped as a single unit. Portions of the cold box erection process are shown in the pictures above. Visit our  New ASU / Bulk Liquids Plant Construction page for more photos and information.

UIG Projects which Included Relocation, Refurbishment, and Upgrade of Used Plants 
200 stpd Gaseous Oxygen, Liquid Oxygen, and Pure Liquid Argon Plant
Southeastern, USA
UIG provided a major US manufacturer and distributor of industrial gases with a gaseous oxygen and merchant liquid plant consisting of a combination of refurbished and new components.  The plant contains three cold boxes, two of which are refurbished. A new UIG-designed cold box contains an all-cryogenic pure argon production system and liquefier system components.

Other equipment included a new centrifugal air compressor, new direct contact air cooler, new molecular sieve drier and impurity removal system, refurbished air separation module, new UIG-designed liquefier system, new nitrogen refrigeration compressor and compander, and the UIG-designed cryogenic argon recovery and purification system. 

GOX is produced by vaporization of LOX, followed by compression to final delivery pressure with a refurbished oxygen compressor. This "piggyback" merchant liquid and onsite plant supplies gaseous oxygen to an on-site customer and liquid oxygen and pure liquid argon to cost-effectively serve the local bulk merchant liquid market.

100 stpd Gaseous Oxygen, 200 stpd Liquid Oxygen, Liquid Nitrogen and Liquid Argon Plant
South-central USA
UIG relocated a merchant liquid plant from the Western United States to the Southeast under a very tight schedule (16 weeks). The project included upgrading instrumentation and  controls, refurbishing or replacing mechanical equipment as required. The plant is configured as a "piggyback" merchant liquid and onsite oxygen plant combination.

UIG supplied all project management, process and detailed design engineering, construction labor and field supervision required to dismantle, relocate, refurbish and upgrade the plant.  New equipment included an oxygen compressor, a Siemens DCS system, a Marley cooling water tower and a molecular sieve air purification unit (PPU).  The original rotating equipment was refurbished. 

50 stpd Gaseous Oxygen Plant
Dominican Republic

A steel manufacturer in the Dominican Republic required 50 tpd of gaseous oxygen.  UIG had a used plant in inventory that would meet this requirement at far less cost than a new plant.  In addition to cost, schedule was very important to the customer.   

UIG procured optimally-sized new mechanical equipment (Main Air Compressor, Nitrogen Compressor and Oxygen compressor).  These new equipment items gave the customer excellent efficiency and reliability.

The UIG scope of supply included all engineering, project management, dismantling, relocation, commissioning and start up supervision plus liquid storage and vaporization equipment.

100 stpd Gaseous Oxygen Plant
Saudi Arabia
UIG provided a 100 tpd gaseous oxygen plant which had been located in Mexico to a Saudi Arabian company producing titanium dioxide. The plant was dismantled and relocated to Saudi Arabia.  Instrumentation and controls systems were upgraded.  UIG supplied a used oxygen compressor to meet the required delivery pressure. 

UIG provided project management, design engineering and field support  throughout the dismantlement, shipment, construction, upgrade, commissioning and startup process. The plant began operation in late 2002.  

100 mtpd Liquid CO2 Plant
UIG provided a complete 100 mtpd carbon dioxide purification and liquefaction system to an established Polish chemical company.  A CO2-rich ammonia plant vent gas stream is used as feed.  The plant produces food grade product for the merchant market. In addition to project management and equipment supply, UIG provided field support during construction and startup.
250 tpd Liquid CO2 Plant
Wisconsin, USA
UIG provided a new Liquid Carbon Dioxide plant and its turnkey installation to a grass-roots ethanol project in Wisconsin, USA.  The plant scope included CO2 feed gas compression, purification, drying and condensing equipment, an ammonia refrigeration system, computer process control system, a product analyzer panel, two 500 ton liquid CO2 storage tanks and loading pumps. 

UIG was responsible for project management, overall process and mechanical design of the plant, fabrication and procurement plus field support during construction.  UIG was also responsible for commissioning, operator training and plant startup. Following startup, UIG provided ongoing technical support to the owner's operations personnel and marketed the liquid CO2 product to end users and established CO2 distributors.   

56 stpd Gaseous Oxygen PSA
UIG provided a used oxygen PSA plant to a steel company in Albania.  UIG had the plant available for rapid shipment, having purchased it from the original builder/ owner/ operator and disassembled it immediately following plant shutdown.

The customer purchased the equipment, including a companion oxygen compressor “as-is” to minimize the value of imported items and take maximum advantage of low-cost equipment and services available in Albania.

UIG arranged transportation and provided in-house engineering design services plus field supervision at the new location. The relocated plant began oxygen production in late 2002.

21 STPD Gaseous Nitrogen Plant

South-central USA

UIG supplied a small cryogenic nitrogen plant to a medium-sized industrial gas company to supply onsite-produced nitrogen to a new customer. Because the required project schedule was very tight, UIG made arrangements to begin relocation of a soon-to-be idled plant immediately after it was taken out of service.  

Nine weeks after starting the relocation project the plant was ready for installation in Texas - as promised in our proposal and guaranteed in our agreement with the buyer.

UIG provided engineering, equipment supply, erection, commissioning and start up services


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