Universal Industrial Gases is a full-service source of used and reconditioned plants for sale.  UIG is a provider and supplier of reconditioned, used and upgraded crogenic and non-cryogenic air separation plants, oxygen plants and nitrogen plants. UIG is a manufacturer and supplier of new and refurbished cryogenicn and non-cryogenic air separation plants, engineering, and field services.

Universal Industrial Gases
Reconditioned Used Plants and Equipment

UIG supplies refurbished used air separation plants, cryogenic and non-cryogenic oxygen plants, nitrogen plants and liquefiers producing liquid nitrogen, oxygen and argon; as well related new and used industrial gas production and storage equipment such as storage tanks and vaporizers

UIG reconditioned and upgraded air separation plants, oxygen plants and nitrogen gas generators utilize an engineered combination of refurbished used and new equipment to deliver performance and reliability comparable to all-new plants, at lower cost, with process guarantees and mechanical warranties.  

Often, UIG refurbished used plants can be delivered more quickly and installed faster than new plants.

Used oxygen PSA, relocated to Albanian steel company site Relocated and upgraded used gaseous oxygen and merchant liquid plant at new site in South Central US Relocated used nitrogen plant upgraded and installed by UIG for UCG O2 and N2 plant serving refinery
Relocated Oxygen PSA Relocated and Upgraded GOX
& Merchant Liquid Plant
Relocated Nitrogen Gas Plant Relocated Oxygen and Nitrogen Plant
Advantages of UIG Refurbished Used Plants:
  •  Low installed cost

  •  Fast delivery

  •  Guaranteed Performance

UIG Used Plant Inventory:
Universal Industrial Gases' inventory of used nitrogen, oxygen and air separation plants for sale changes from month to month. The following types and sizes of used plants are typical of those usually available. 

Contact UIG regarding your specific needs and we will advise regarding the availability of suitable used and reconditioned plants. 

  Capacity in Capacity in Capacity in Capacity in Capacity in Capacity in

Primary Product






Nm3/ Month

Nitrogen Gas

30 1,000

35,000 1,150,000

25 - 850

18 900

600 30,000

440,000 - 2,200,000

Oxygen Gas

10 1,000

10,000 1,000,000

7 - 750

9 900

260 26,000

190,000 - 1,900,000

Nitrogen Liquid

60 600

70,000 700,000

50 - 500

55 550

1,800 18,000

1,300,000 - 13,000,000

Oxygen Liquid

50 300

50,000 300,000

35 - 220

45 270

1300 8,000

950,000 - 5,800,000

Liquid CO2

40 - 400

30,000- 300,000

22 - 220

36 - 360

76 -7600

550,000 - 5,500,000
Argon Systems 5 - 20 4,000 - 16,000 3 - 12 4.5 - 18 100 - 400 80,000 - 300,000
Buy UIG Refurbished Plants and Used Equipment with Confidence:
  • UIG is not a typical "used plant dealer".  UIG staff members work with potential customers to determine whether their needs are most cost effectively met with new equipment, used equipment, or a combination of reconditioned and new equipment. 
  • All offerings, whether new, used, or reconditioned and upgraded, are engineered solutions developed after thorough review of customer requirements, priorities and evaluation criteria.  

  • Our goal is to supply systems that meet our customers' needs and desires as fully as possible - including production rates, product purities, supply pressures, reliability, installed cost, operating cost and on-schedule delivery of equipment and services.   

  • Used plants are normally sold inspected and refurbished. Instrumentation and and control systems are typically upgraded.  Mechanical equipment, such as compressors and motors are overhauled or replaced with new, depending upon expected operating conditions at the new site and customer preferences.

  • Available used plants may be modified to accommodate changes in production rate, required product purities, and product delivery pressures.  Modifications can be made to reflect differences in electrical power system characteristics (voltage and Hz) and atmospheric conditions (temperature, pressure, humidity). 

  • UIG can make modifications to accommodate additional products.  UIG has added argon recovery and/ or argon purification systems to oxygen plants and added product liquefiers to gas-only plants.  UIG has converted "reversing" plants to molecular sieve front-end cleanup (pre-purification) systems to permit higher recovery of argon and/ or higher production rates for nitrogen.  

  • UIG provides necessary engineering, procurement, transportation and field support services to clients.  Most plants can be supplied on a full turnkey basis.  In many cases, purchasers choose to arrange transportation and perform some of the installation work themselves.  In these cases, UIG provides field supervision and advisory services to support purchaser engineering, operations and maintenance resources.

  • Very importantly, UIG offers process guarantees and mechanical warranties on its refurbished used plants and equipment. 

  • Looking for a source for a quality reconditioned and upgraded used air separation, oxygen or nitrogen plant?  Contact UIG and see what we can offer.

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