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Universal 8000

Air Separation and Liquefaction System

Designed for competitive markets in highly industrialized countries, the Universal 8000 offers industrial gas companies low initial cost, low operating costs, and a high degree of product mix flexibility. 

Producing about 300 MTD of liquid product, the Universal 8000 can adjust its product mix to match current market demand.  The plant uses cryogenic distillation to produce 5 TPD or more of LAR.



  • 8000 Nm3/hr total liquid production  (Approximately 300 tons per day)
  • Flexible product mix can can be tailored to local markets
  • Produce pure argon by cryogenic distillationa standard feature
  • Low specific power – 0.74 kwh/ Nm3 (1.95 kwh/ 100 SCF)
  • Operates itself -- advanced monitoring and control allows unattended operation

 Performance Specifications:


Typical Production Nm3/hr

Purity Volume %

Pressure Bar (g)

Liquid Oxygen




Liquid Nitrogen




Liquid Argon 110 99.9995 1.5
Total Liquid 8310    

Power  (kw)




Performance is based upon ambient conditions of 1.014 bar (a), 20°C dry bulb, 50% relative humidity and 19.4°C cooling water. 

 Flexibility – The Key to Your Success

The Universal 8000 is designed to produce a total quantity of liquid that facilitates economical merchant operations in highly competitive markets, while giving the plant operator considerable flexibility to vary the product mix.

Pure argon production – a standard feature

Cryogenic argon purification is a standard feature in every Universal 8000.  Unlike older purification methods, no hydrogen is required. 

Advanced System Analysis and Control

Universal 8000 systems are designed to operate in an unattended mode.  The advanced monitoring and control systems, with easily accessed real time and historical data, also allow remote monitoring and troubleshooting.  If a problem requires shut down of the plant, the production unit will be secured automatically, and appropriate personnel will be notified through telephone and paging systems. 

 UIG –Your Full Service Supplier

Universal 8000 systems provide the core technology and equipment required to economically produce liquid oxygen, nitrogen and argon at any location.  The equipment, interconnecting piping, and control system components maximize pre-assembly to minimize field installation time and labor. 

UIG offers the Universal 8000 system on a sale-of-equipment basis, with optional supervision services during construction, checkout, and startup; and on a turnkey basis. The plant is also offered on a turnkey basis, with full responsibility through the start of commercial production. 

Other plant components required for a completely functional plant will vary with each site. These ancillary components may be designed, procured, and installed by the plant owner, or by UIG. 

In all cases, UIG will work with the owner’s engineering and construction personnel to ensure satisfactory installation and startup.  UIG is also prepared to handle all aspects of plant design, installation, operator training, commissioning, and startup when the plant owner seeks the advantages of single source responsibility.

Whatever your needs or circumstances, UIG will work with you to ensure a successful installation and startup.  

 After Startup – UIG Ongoing Services

After startup UIG personnel and resources will remain available to provide ongoing operations support and maintenance services, if and when required. 

Whether your need is assistance with diagnosis of plant operations, additional operator training, or assistance with maintenance planning and execution, UIG has the expertise and resources to ensure that your operations and maintenance activities go as smoothly as possible. 

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UIG is a supplier of industrial gas equipment, both new and reconditioned, plus related engineering, construction, operation, and maintenance services. 

 We are more than just an equipment supplier.  All key personnel have more than 20 years experience in the industrial gas industry in engineering, operations, sales and marketing. We understand your market, your needs, and your priorities.

 Whether the best fit to your current needs is a Universal 8000 merchant liquid plant, one of our other new equipment products, or a reconditioned plant – we want to work with you to make your project a success.

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