Full-service supplier of air separation plants, oxygen and nitrogen generators and CO2 plants. Gas & liquid supplier to end users and to distributors of bulk liquids & packaged gases. UIG sells new and used cryogenic storage tanks, cryogenic liquid transport trailers, vaporizers and pressure vessels

Cryogenic Storage Tanks, Cryogenic Liquid Trailers,
Vaporizers and Pressure Vessels - New and Used

UIG offers new ASME-coded cryogenic storage tanks to liquid product users, producers and distributors. These storage vessels are made in North America in an ISO 9000-certified facility.

LIN, LOX, and LAR cryogenic storage tank capacities range from 300 gallons to 80,000 gallons (50 tons).  Vaporizers are also available in a wide range of capacities - from 1400 SCFH (40 Nm3/h) to 45,000 SCFH (1300) Nm3/h per unit.  UIG also supplies Liquid CO2 storage tanks in sizes holding 3 to 50 tons of product.

In addition to new equipment, UIG offers an ever-changing selection of used and refurbished cryogenic liquid tanks, vaporizers, liquid trailers and other liquid handling and distribution equipment.  

LOX/ LIN/ LAR Customer Station Cryogenic Storage Tanks for liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen and liquid argon service Large horizontal cryogenic storage tanks for LOX/ LIN/ Lar.  UIG offers large tanks from 20,000 gallon to 80,000 gallon sizes. Liquid Oxygen, Liquid Nitrogen and Liquid Argon cryogenic cargo transport trailers Liquid Oxygen, Liquid Nitrogen and Liquid Argon vaporizers in capacities from 1400 to 45000 SCFH (40 to 1300 Nm3/h) Pressure Vessels for Gaseous Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon and other gases Liquid Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Storge Tanks - 3 to 50 tons capacity
New Equipment:
UIG offers a full line of cryogenic liquid storage tanks for liquid oxygen (LOX), liquid nitrogen (LN, LIN), liquid argon (LAR) and liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) service. These cryogenic storage tanks, pressure vessels, and vaporizers are manufactured in North America in an ISO-9000 certified facility in accordance with ASME Section VIII Division 1 and CGA-341 codes and standards

New cryogenic transport trailers are also available for LOX/LIN/and LAR service.  Models are specifically designed for service in the United States, Canada, Latin America, and Asia. 

Customer stations are available for liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen and liquid argon storage, with cryogenic tank capacities of 300 to 15,000 gallons (57,000 liters). 

Large LOX, LIN and LAR tanks are available with liquid storage capacities up to 80,000 gallons (300,000 liters). 

CO2 storage tanks are available with capacity to 50 tons. 

Complementing the cryogenic oxygen, nitrogen, argon, CO2, LNG and Ethylene storage tank selections are competitively priced ambient vaporizers. 

Used Equipment:
UIG offers a continuously-changing selection of used cryogenic tanks, trailers and vaporizers for sale which can be purchased "as-is, where-is" or fully reconditioned, depending upon circumstances and buyer preferences.

Contact UIG for information on currently available used cryogenic liquid storage tank and vaporizer choices.  

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